Pan 19, 20, 21

  1. External oblique line (continuation of the anterior margin caudally and laterally)
  2. Mandibular crest with retromolar triangle
  3. Mandibular foramen
  4. Mandibular canal
  5. Mental foramen
  6. Angular process on the masseteric tuberosity
  7. Angle of the mandible
  8. Basal compact bone
  9. Hyoid bone, with greater horn of the hyoid bone
  10. Cervical vertebra exhibiting clearly the dense osseous plates on each vertebra
  11. Maxillary sinus (borders)
  12. Dorsum of the tongue
  13. Condyle (medial pole)
  14. Condyle (lateral pole)
  15. Muscular process (coronoid process) in superimposition with the pterygoid process, the maxillary tuberosity, and the connective tissues of the soft palate
  16. Neck of the condyloid process of the mandible
  17. Soft palate
  18. Radiopacity caused by the roof of the palate and the floor of the nasal sinus
  19. Epipharynx
  20. Long, ossified styloid process, with its jointed connection
  21. Radiopacity cause by the compact bone of the contralateral jaw