Pan 16, 17, 18

  1. Maxillary sinus (borders)
  2. Shadowing due to the horizontal lamina of palatine bone and the laterobasal border of the nasal cavity
  3. Muscular (coronoid) process superimposed with the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone, the maxillary tuberosity, and the connective tissues of the soft palate
  4. Body of the zygomatic bone, with innominate line
  5. Innominate line (demarcation line in the wall of the temporal surface of zygomatic bone)
  6. Zygomatic arch
  7. Zygomaticotemporal suture
  8. Glenoid fossa
  9. Articular eminence
  10. Soft tissue of the external ear
  11. Auditory meatus, with the auditory canal appearing as a radiolucency
  12. Articular process, with mandibular condyle
  13. Styloid process of temporal bone
  14. Radiolucency caused by the air-containing epipharynx
  15. Soft palate
  16. Dorsum of the tongue
  17. Mandibular foramen
  18. Mandibular canal
  19. Anterior tubercle of the atlas
  20. Dens axis (epistropheus)
  21. Transverse foramen, axis
  22. External oblique line (continuation of the anterior margin caudally and laterally)
  23. Temporal crest
  24. Maxillary tuberosity
  25. Pterygopalatine fossa