Scaling and root planing

Using disclosing solution/tablets, surfaces exhibiting plaque were recorded and a plaque free score of __% was calculated.

The patient's homecare was reviewed and appropriately reinforced/modified. The importance of frequent, thorough and consistent homecare was stressed to ensure a successful outcome of periodontal therapy and to prevent future disease.

An ultrasonic scaler with the appropriate tips was used to remove as much supra and subgingival calculus as possible. Using hand scalers & curettes, all tooth surfaces were refined and planed with as little trauma as possible to the surrounding soft tisssue. All surfaces were checked with the explorer to ensure that they were free of calculus and smooth. If previous areas were treated, they were evaluated and if necessary, the scaling and root planing was refined.

All exposed tooth surfaces were polished using prophy paste and a rubber cup with a slow speed hanpiece.