Surgical removal of erupted tooth

Surgical removal of erupted tooth

PMH, Meds, and Allergies reviewed.

Risks and benefits of procedure reviewed.

Consent read, signed, and understood.

Patient was prepped and draped in a normal oral surgical manner. _____ Carpules of Xylocaine 2% with 1:100,000 Epi. / Carbocaine 3% plain / Marcaine 0.5% with 1:200,000 Epi. was / were used to anesthetize the Right / Left PSA MSA IAN Long Buccal Lingual Greater Palatine Nasopalatine Nerve / Nerves.

A periosteal elevator was used to separate the gingiva from the tooth.. A small full thickness buccal mucoperiosteal envelope flap was raised. A straight elevator was then used to luxate the tooth. The tooth was sectioned with a Hall Drill and removed. The extraction site was inspected and all granulation and or infected tissue was removed. The bone edges were smoothed with a bone file, the wound was irrigated with normal saline. All irrigant and debris were suctioned from the wound site and the flap was replaced in its normal anatomic position and held in place with ___ (3-0) chromic sutures. A hemostatic pack was placed. The patient was given verbal and written post-operative instructions. There were no intraoperative complications and the patient tolerated the procedure well. Good hemostasis was obtained and the patient was discharged home.

Follow-up PRN / 1 week.

Prescriptions: None / Tylenol #3 (# ) / Vicodin 500/5 # / Percocet # Pen VK 500mg 1PO q6h x 7 days / Clindamycin 300mg 1PO q6h x 7 days.