Maxillary sinus

  • Air-filled cavity lined by mucoperiosteum in maxilla.
  • Usually extends from canine to molars; may be smaller.
  • Radiographic appearance:
    • Round or oval radiolucency.
    • Surrounded by thin, uniform radiopaque wall.
    • May extend between roots of teeth.
    • May have septa within cavity.

  • Radiolucency over roots of posterior teeth Outlined by thin, uniform wall Wall of nasal fossa may be imposed, producing the “inverted Y” appearance on canine periapical radiographs.

  • Some sinuses have vertical walls (septae) in the sinus cavity.
  • Septae run vertically from the inferior aspect of the sinus to the superior aspect, which is the floor of the orbit.

  • Posterior wall of the sinus.

  • Sinus wall is often called the “floor” of the sinus, but it is the inferior aspect of the lateral wall.
  • The wall of the sinus usually runs parallel to alveolar ridge.

Nithya Rajan,
Nov 21, 2010, 7:55 AM