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Extraction erupted tooth

Extraction erupted tooth

PMH, Meds, and Allergies reviewed.
Risks and benefits of procedure reviewed.  
Consent read, signed, and understood.

Patient was prepped and draped in a normal oral surgical manner. _____ Carpules of Xylocaine 2% with 1:100,000 Epi. /  Carbocaine 3% plain /  Marcaine 0.5% with 1:200,000 Epi. was / were used to anesthetize the Right / Left PSA MSA IAN Long Buccal Lingual Greater Palatine Nasopalatine Nerve / Nerves.

A periosteal elevator was used to separate the gingiva from the tooth.  A straight elevator was then used to luxate the tooth. The tooth was removed using an Upper /Lower Universal / Ash / Bayonet / Cowhorn forceps.   The extraction site was inspected and all granulation and or infected tissue was removed.  A hemostatic pack was placed.  The patient was given verbal and written post-operative instructions. There were no intraoperative complications and the patient tolerated the procedure well.  Good hemostasis was obtained and the patient was discharged home.

Follow-up PRN / 1 week.  

Prescriptions: None  / Tylenol #3 (# )  / Vicodin 500/5 #  / Percocet #  Pen VK 500mg 1PO q6h x 7 days / Clindamycin 300mg 1PO q6h x 7 days